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Fosters and Partners together with Bilaj Al Jazayer Real Estate Development Company (BAJRD) have studied beach communities all over the world, including such places as Miami Beach, to determine how best to develop a seaside village at Bilaj Al Jazayer. The result is that in the years to come Bilaj Al Jazayer will be home to over 7,000 residents and tourists living in a vibrant 24/7 environment.

BAJRD has recently been working to advance the plans for the Bilaj Al Jazayer development and has lodged this masterplan with the Urban Planning and Development Authority for approval during 2020. Subject to receiving all necessary approvals, BAJRD is keen to commence construction of the first hotel at Bilaj Al Jazayer during 2021 with completion targeted during early 2024.

Ultimately, the overall master development could contain over 700,000 square meters of gross floor area being hospitality, food and beverage, retail, commercial and residential areas, in addition to the beautiful beach.

Whilst the beach will remain the focus of the community, approximately 135 hectares of parks and garden will be disbursed between buildings containing running and bike trails a well as active and passive recreational fields and features. This will create beautiful outlooks and will provide residents with easy connection to the waterfront and other community facilities.

BAJRD will take the lead in constructing the first key projects in the master development, but private sector local and international developers will also be invited to play a role in the evolution of the Bilaj Al Jazayer Development.

Studies are currently being conducted on how to implement “sustainable” and “smart” development initiatives to make the buildings and community in line with worlds best practice.

Have a look at the masterplan here.

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